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Supply & Installation of Metal Platform, Walkway & Catwalk

The best and reliable way to ensure safety when working at heights is to install platform walkways. It would be best to work with professionals to install reliable platform walkways for roofing and repair, and maintenance. The platform walkways should be strong, high quality, and durable. The walkways are essential for repair and maintenance and to install air conditioning units. The staff needs to access the high parts of the building and be safe. The platform walkways help to prevent tripping hazards.

Why Install the Platform Walkways

The roof area of a building is essential during construction. When not fixed well, it may bring a lot of problems such as leaking water. To create a good roofing system, reliable platform walkways need to be installed. They create a stable ground for the roofers to install the roof and other items comfortably.

The walkways are needed when carrying out regular repair and maintenance services. This means that professionals need to access the height and work on different parts of the building. In addition to repair and maintenance, the platform walkways are also used for inspection service.

When working at such heights, trip hazard and fall can cause serious injuries or death. Therefore, you need to work with professionals like Metal Glass Work Singapore to install the metal platform, walkway, and catwalk. These structures are essential and help in ensuring safety at height. Raised platforms provide a stable working area and accessibility when carrying out maintenance at height.

Benefits of Platform Walkways Installed by Metal Glass Work Singapore

We install slip-resistant catwalks. It is crucial to keep the platform walkways anti-slip to minimize slip hazards. Especially during the rainy season, water can make the surfaces slippery. With the anti-slip mechanism, the catwalks can be used at all seasons.

We follow the industrial guidelines for installing the walkways. This means that we minimize any potential of falling or hazardous slip. Walkways should be stable, safe, and anti-slip because they are used to work at heights. Also, they need to need compliance requirements.

Metal platforms protect the building surface because it helps to take away the potential stress on the roof. Removing the stress from the roof hence prevents damaging or weakening it. A week roof may require a costly replacement. It is essential to invest in platform walkways.

Our Experience

With years of experience in the supply and installation of the metal platform, walkway, and catwalk, you can trust our professional team. We have a passion for keeping workers safe. We help them meet the compliance regulations of installing the walkways in Singapore. We provide after installation services and after-care services. We guarantee stable and durable walkways that will keep workers safe and free from slipping when working at heights.

We are reliable and ready to take orders for the catwalks and walkways. We will meet the safety requirements of this industry and use the best material for the walkways. Safety is our passion for installing the walkways to help in repair and maintenance, and surveys.

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