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Top Hung Window

Top Hung Window Singapore

When planning to renovate your home, it is essential to consider the windows. Windows play a significant role in adding aesthetic value in the house. There are many types of windows among them is the top hung window.

The top-hung window uses beams and tracks to support the weight. The beam and the track stabilize the window and hold it in position. The window glides in motion when opening or closing the window. Our architect knows how to install the hung windows. It necessary to work with professionals for hung windows because safety is critical.

Here are things you should know about top hung window.


The main advantage of the top hung window is that it is easy to clean. You can tilt the window and clean both sides of the window. The glass part of the window will shine from the inside as well as from the outside. It is also safe to clean the top hung windows.

Excellent Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in every home. Airflow should be efficient to allow fresh air to flow in and out of the room. Stuffy rooms can be a health hazard to people. The top hung window allows free flow of air in and out of the room. Highly beneficial during warm weather. It will reduce the energy and electricity bill used for air conditioning. You can control airflow with the top hung window. During cold seasons, you can close it. It does not leak air to the outside, hence keep the warm air in the house.


Top hung windows enhance privacy. Since they swing open from the bottom, you can achieve privacy and ventilation at the same time. They are great for bedrooms and bathrooms. They can be installed higher or at low levels depending on the design of your building. Since they are made of glass, you can enjoy natural light during the day, even when closed.

Saves Energy

Since you can control airflow with the top hung windows, it means you can control heating and cooling effects. You will save on energy cost because of this advantage. Over time, you will experience a reduced electricity bill for your home. If you are looking for a window to help you save on the energy bill, you can consider hung window.

User Friendly

It is easy to install and to operate. You do not need manual instruction to explain to you how it works. Also, they are efficient in enhancing security. You can lock them when they are shut; hence thieves cannot break-in. the glass material is strong and resistant, so it cannot break in quickly.

As double-hung windows are the most popular and common window style these days, they come in a wide range of colors. They are appealing for both homes and offices as well. They also come in a vast range of styles, sizes, and materials, where wood and vinyl being the most popular choices.

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