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Supply & Installation Of Aluminum Louvre Blade Facades

Supply & Installation Of Aluminum Louvre Blade Facades Singapore

A louvre window is a shutter or window blind with horizontal blades that control airflow and light. It helps to prevent direct sunlight from accessing the house and rain. The angles of the horizontal blades can be adjusted depending on the needs of the homeowner. There are also fixed louvre blade windows.

The louvre blade facades control air movement in and out of the house hence manage the indoor temperature. The louvre windows allow access to natural light in the house, reducing the electricity bill to run artificial lighting during the day.

Louvre blade windows come in many designs. They can be renovated and installed horizontally or vertically. We install designs depending on what the client needs.  

Here are the top reasons for investing in aluminum louvre blade facades.

Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we supply and facilitate the installation of aluminium louvre facades.

Light Control

Direct sunlight has many adverse effects, such as fading of the interior décor. Furniture and curtains are mostly affected by direct sunlight that causes them to fade. Once furniture loses its original color, the house starts looking dull and unattractive. To protect your furniture and curtains from fading, install the louvre windows.


Aluminum louvre windows add security to your house. It is not easy to break aluminum windows because the material is strong. Louvre windows enhance privacy because they can be adjusted to limit outsiders from seeing the inside of the house. You will achieve both privacy and security with aluminum louvre blades facades. Louvre blades are visual barriers. If you want to achieve privacy, you can install the louvre blades windows because they prevent outsiders from seeing the inside of your courtyard.

Variety of Options

Materials used for louvre blades façade include vinyl, metal, wood, and glass.  You can choose the one that can fit in with your home décor and your renovation budget. Louvre blade windows allow natural light to access the house. They are suitable for your courtyard, where you can relax and enjoy sunlight without the interference of outsiders.

Saves on Energy Cost

Since the louvre blades allow natural light to access the house, you will not need artificial lighting during the day. This helps you to save on your energy bill. The louvre blades also allow free flow of air hence help to regulate the indoor temperature. At night, the louvre blades can be closed to prevent the escape of warm air. This helps to save on energy used to run the air conditioner.

Protection from Weather Elements

Weather elements such as dust, rain, and storms can affect the interior décor of the house. Homeowners do not like water leaking in the house whenever it rains. The aluminum louvre blades help to solve this problem.


Louvre blades are highly innovative. They can have an open and close mechanism to control how much air you need. The mechanism makes it easy to use louvre blades windows, and even an older adult can operate it. During hot seasons you can increase the louvre blades opening for air to flow and cool your house.

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