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Stainless Steel Metal Bollards

Stainless Steel Metal Bollards Singapore

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that is resistant to rust as compared to iron. Stainless steel is used to cover bollards to add aesthetic value and to increase their longevity. Bollards are made of concrete which is susceptible to wear and tear if left open. Therefore, they are covered with metal to make them stainless steel metal bollards.

The stainless steel metal bollards are used in construction sites, pedestrian walkways, bicycle parking, and traffic guide. There are other covering materials such as fiberglass, but this article will focus on the advantages of using stainless steel metal covers for bollards.

Advantages of Bollards


Stainless steel is low maintenance hence saving you the cost of repair and maintenance. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion even when exposed to rain and direct sunlight. These benefits make the bollards suitable for outdoor use because they will not rust. When you use concrete without the stainless steel cover, it will wear out with time. This means that you will need to incur an extra cost to install others.


Since stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and rust, it will last for many years. Stainless steel metal bollards are suitable for protecting pedestrian walkways and for industrial applications. The steel bollards cover effectively for providing security at the parking lots, buildings, and street corners. They help protect the buildings and pedestrians from the impact of vehicle accidents. They can also be used for temporary situations such as traffic jams, emergencies, and when celebrities make appearances.

Add Aesthetic Value

Stainless steel metal bollards are shiny hence look modern and appealing. Stainless steel does not need extra paint coating because its natural look is aesthetic. The bollards with the stainless steel cover add aesthetic value to the exterior of buildings. They can be installed at shopping centers, banks, and sporting fields.


The bollards can be used with advanced technology such as sensors and locking systems. They are versatile and adaptable because they can incorporate the latest technology. They can be used for automatic opening and closing gates are the parking lot or at the commercial building entrance.

The shininess of stainless steel remains intact even after being used for many years. When you install the stainless steel bollards at the front of your commercial building, it improved your brand image. Customers notice the external presentation of the building before they can get into the office.

Uses of Bollards

Bollards are posts that are used in architectural works to mark a perimeter. They are used to mark boundaries and to provide guidance for construction. The bollards can also be used to provide safety to pedestrians and to prevent accidents on roads.

Bollards are essential when it comes to traffic management. It helps to manage traffic diversions and provides temporary road closures.  It can be used to secure pedestrian walkways from wayward vehicles. The bollards alert the drivers on narrow roads hence prevent accidents. They also provide security to buildings such as government offices, schools, and museums.

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