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Aluminum Louvre Door

Aluminum Louvre Door Singapore

Choosing the right door for renovation is essential. Properly placed doors help natural light to access the hose and maintain good airflow. Aluminum louvre doors are versatile and stylish. That is why many homeowners choose them over the other types of doors. Louvre doors keep the rain out and prevent direct sun rays. The louvre angles can be adjusted.

Here is why you need to consider installing aluminium louvre door.

The Blades can be Adjusted

Adjustable blades allow you to control the amount of ventilation you need in the house. The blades are adjusted to control airflow. During warm weather, you can adjust the bladed to maximize the cooling effect. During cold weather, you can close the blades to keep warm air in the room.

Easy to Open

The louvre blades can allow more ventilation as compared to other doors. The traditional doors can only allow ventilation when opened. For the aluminium louvre doors, you only need to adjust the blades.

Easy to Maintain

It is easy to clean aluminium louvre door. You can easily clean the interior and the exterior part of the door. Even when the blades are high, you can still clean them from the inside of your home.

Stylish and Versatile

Aluminium louvre doors are stylish and versatile. They can blend in with your interior design. They are available in different designs and styles. Before the installation is done, measurements are taken to design a fitting door.


You have complete control of privacy because you can control the louvre blades. If you want to relax in your exterior part of the home, you can reduce the bladed opening angle to prevent outsiders from seeing the inside. This is unlike the glass doors, where you cannot control privacy unless you install frosted glass doors.


Aluminium is a durable material. It is resistant to wear and tear. This means that the aluminium louvre door will serve you for many years. You will not worry about corrosion or rusting. Some materials can be used for louvre doors, but aluminium is the best. Wooden louvre doors will wear and tear easily. There is a risk of mold build up that can cause rotting of the wooden parts. After a few years, you may need to replace the wooden louvre door.


The blades of aluminium louvre doors fold neatly on both sides when open. It allows air to flow in and out freely. Louvre doors is practical for confined spaces and does not interfere with accessibility.

Modern Look

Aluminium Louvre doors are elegant and make a home modern. There are different designs that add aesthetic value to a home. Homes with louvre doors have a high resale value. If you are looking to renovate a house to make it look modern, you consider installing aluminium louvre doors.

Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we have the best engineers and door designers. We will give a variety of options to choose the one that fits with your home décor. We also have consultation sessions to help you chose the best design, the one that will fit your budget.

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