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Structural Mezzanine Platform Floor

This platform floor is mainly used in factories. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we manufacture structural mezzanine floors using steel. We use steel to ensure that the structure is tough and can withstand heavy objects. We ensure that the mezzanine platform stands on its own without relying on the existing structure for support. The platform maximises the floor space hence increase productivity because there is room for movement.

You should hire us because we install structural mezzanine platform floor that will last for many years. Our mezzanine platforms are certified and approved for industrial and construction purposes. The platforms can easily be relocated. The structures are strong and can stand on their own without the support of the existing building.

What are the Uses of the Mezzanine Floors?

Having a safe access point when working in an industrial building or warehouse is essential. Mezzanine floors allow you to access different warehouse parts with minimal or no interruptions to people working below the floor. The structural mezzanine platform floor can be temporary or permanent.

There are a lot of uses of the mezzanine floors for both industrial and commercial spaces. The structures can be installed at any location. You will need to hire a professional team to decide the best material to use and the most convenient location of the mezzanine floor.

Provide Extra Storage Space

The structural mezzanine platform floor provides extra storage space for a warehouse. They can have racks and shelves that can be used as storage areas. Items can also be stacked together on the mezzanine floor hence create more working space. The structure can be removed anytime once the warehouse is not busy.

Extra Office Space

If your warehouse is full and needs extra office space, you can use the mezzanine floor for extra space. It is ideal for a busy warehouse with different employees working on different tasks. At peak season, the warehouse will accommodate all the employees hence increase productivity. Minimal space makes people work in shifts which minimises productivity.

The structural mezzanine platform floor is flexible and can be customised to meet different needs. We have been constructing and installing the mezzanine platform for several years, and we give our customers the best.

Why should you hire a Professional?

When you decide to have a mezzanine platform in your commercial or industrial space, consider hiring a professional. Working with a professional in this field ensures that you get a strong and stable platform that meets industrial standards. You do not want a platform that collapses after a few years of use.

We supply and construct durable mezzanine platforms that can last for more than 30 years. They can be permanent or temporary, depending on their usage. Our staff has experience in making the mezzanine platform with different types of metal.

You should hire professionals because you will get after-installation services. Professionals aim to give the customers the best service because they care for their brand. This is beneficial to the customer because they can always contact them if any repair or maintenance is needed.

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