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Supply & Installation of Galvanized Structural Steel

Supply &  Installation of Galvanized Structural Steel Singapore

Steel is mainly used in construction and industrial projects because it is versatile. There are different combinations of steel to achieve different properties for different projects. There are two main types of steel which are galvanised steel and structural steel.

Structural steel is made of iron and other metals like carbon and chromium to make it strong. The percentage of mixing iron, carbon, and chromium depends on the project. On the other hand, galvanized steel is steel dipped in zinc to make it resistant to corrosion. Structural steel has more uses compared to galvanized steel.

Use of Galvanized Steel

The composition of galvanized steel is not flexible, which limits its usage. On the contrary, the composition of structural steel is flexible hence can be used in different projects. The strength of the structural steel can be increased hence become suitable for large-scale industrial projects, unlike the galvanized steel, which is considered weak.

Galvanised steel has a zinc coating which limits its use because when exposed to copper or other nonferrous metals, dezincification happens. The loss of the zinc coating exposes galavanised steel to corrosion. Therefore, galvanised steel cannot be used for underground projects such as pipes. Structural steel is suitable for underground projects like piping because it is non-reactive hence does not corrode or rust. This prevents any occurance of health hazards, unlike the reactive galvanised steel.

Structural steel has different machinal and chemical properties. It is a valuable material for any construction project. The formulation depends on the project and the need for the steel material. The structural steel can also be fabricated to add longevity and durability. Structural steel is flexible enough to take the shape of different designs. It is also a long-lasting material that can withstand extreme changes in the weather. You do not have to worry about rusting or corrosion.

Benefits of using Galvanized Structural Steel

Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we have specialized in galvanized structural steel supply and installation. We manufacture and design steel for roofing, linkways, canopy, and staircases, among other projects. Our staff has many years of experience working with steel, hence understanding how to mix the compositions for different projects. Here are some of the advantages of using steel.


Galvanised steel can last up to 50 years if not exposed to reactive elements. The galvanising prevents rusting and corrosion of the surfaces. In addition, structural steel is durable too because it is resistant to corrosion and rusting. Structural steel is not reactive like galvanising steel.


Structural steel is flexible to take different shapes. This makes it possible to use it for different industrial projects. Galavanised steel is rigid; hence its use is limited to specific projects. Galvanised can react when exposed to certain elements hence not suitable for underground projects like piping. For piping, structural steel is suitable because it is non-reactive.


Structural steel is elegant and sleek hence gives a home of an office space a modern finishing. The sleek polish does not fade hence minimize repair and maintenance costs; no extra painting for structural steel.

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