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Glass Railing

Glass Railing Singapore

Over the years, glass railing has gained popularity among many homeowners as well as commercial business buildings. As people choose safe staircase railings, they also consider elegance and aesthetic value. These railing is the best choice to achieve elegance and safety. Such railings can be used on pools, decks, staircases, and decks.

Here are the top reasons to consider glass railings.

Easy Maintenance

Glass is easier to maintain when you compare it to wood and iron. They are also easy to maintain because you only need water and a soft piece of cloth to clean. In case the glass gets scratches, you can fix it by polishing it. This is unlike the metal and wood railings. Regular cleaning of the glass railings makes them look sleek and classy. In addition, the glass railing does not attract molds, rust, or rot. If you have wooden railings, you may worry about insects, molds, and termites.

They Look Elegant

The elegance of the glass material is what makes glass railings incredibly beautiful. Since glass is transparent, it makes the living room or offices look more spacious and expansive. Glass railings provide a seamless blend with the interior décor and can also be customized to the design that you want. Our engineers are highly experienced in customizing the glass railings to designs that meet your needs.

Durable and Safe

Tampered glass is mainly used for the staircase glass railings. Tampered glass is safe because once it breaks, it shatters into small round particles. The glass edges are not sharp. They have a smooth finishing which makes them safe. They are safe in a home with children because it is challenging to climb up on the glass railings. They do not also crack, which makes them safe to install in the house.

The glass railings are durable because they last many years, looking great, and elegant.

Add Resale Value

If you are looking to resale your house, consider renovating your house with glass railings. Glass railings make the house elegant and attract potential home buyers. Glass railings will still look elegant even after years of use. This is unlike metal or wood railings that will need renovation after several years.


Glass material is customizable and flexible. This means that you can choose a design that fits your needs, and our engineers will customize the glass railings. You can have a unique designed glass railing for your living room or workspace.

Do not worry about which designs you need when you work with professionals. You will get the best results.

Quick Installation

The design work is what takes time. After that, the installation takes the minimal time possible. Glass railings are not complicated and do not need a lot of work like the metal railings. It takes a shorter time when you decide to work with professionals in this field.

Hire Metal Glass Work Singapore today, and you will experience professional service from renovation design to installation. Contact us today and book a consolation session with our engineers.

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