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Glass Curtain Wall

Glass Curtain Wall Singapore

When choosing the best glass curtain wall for your house, the task might not be easy. One will think about cost, maintenance, resistance, aesthetics, and durability. For commercial buildings, the exterior view demonstrated the strength of the brand. How customers perceive your brand depends on how you decorate your building. Therefore, most business owners prefer glass curtain walls.

The glass curtain wall is elegant and gives a building a modern look. Curtain walls are made of light material and externally wraps the building. They are designed to achieve elegance as well as to protect the interior parts of the building. The demand for glass curtain walls is increasing in many cities.

Why should you Invest in Glass Curtain Wall?

Glass curtain walls are made with aluminium structures that are lightweight and long-lasting. Glass adds elegance to the exterior parts.

Keeps Off Water and air.

The primary function of the glass curtain is to keep off water and air from the building. It insulates the interior parts of the building from climatic conditions. It makes the building last longer because the curtain wall shields the interior walls from exposure to direct sunlight and rain. The glass curtain wall also lasts for many years.


The glass curtain wall provides additional structural support and stability. It reduces the chance of a building swaying, making the building stable and secure. Glass curtain walls are helpful for tall buildings. It helps to make employees comfortable as they use the building.


The glass curtain wall acts as a sealant. It is waterproof, meaning water will not leak in the building during rainy seasons. Property in the building is protected from water damage. Glass material is easy to clean and does not rust. This means that the glass curtain wall will serve you for many years. If you want a durable curtain wall, consider investing in the glass curtain.

Reduces the Spread of Fire

Glass curtain walls allow down spread of fire in a building. The wall acts as a barrier that prevents fire from spreading quickly. It is advantageous for tall buildings where fire can spread quickly upwards.  It is essential to have safety features to reduce fire damages.

Heat Efficiency

Glass curtain walls improve the heat efficiency of a building. When the best glazed and treated material is used, it can help control temperature within the building. This helps to cut down the cost of managing the air conditioner. The curtain walls protect items in the building from direct sunlight, hence protect them from fading.

It allows natural light in the building hence save on electrical energy. You do not have to use artificial lighting during the day. Having natural lighting in the workplace is beneficial because it increases employee productivity.

Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we have professionals who can renovate, design and install the glass wall curtain. Our engineers have many years of experience in this job. Contact us today to get recommendations on the best designs and to know the cost of installation.

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