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Supply and Installation of Frameless Glass Façade with Point Fixed System

Supply and Installation of Frameless Glass Façade with Point Fixed System

A frameless glass façade is a common feature in many commercial buildings. The glass façade is elegant and visually attractive. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, designers and architects know how to design unique and attractive glass façade for your building. We also deal with the supply and installation of frameless glass façade with a point fixed system. Glass walls are a suitable replacement for traditional separation walls in the workplace. This glass design is becoming popular to separate office space.

Reasons to Invest in Frameless Glass Façade

Elegant Designs

For many years, employees have had to deal with walls at the workspace. This makes it difficult for the employees to bond and work as a team. Frameless glass façade created a new and a beautiful environment for the employees. The frameless glasses are beautiful and elegant. They make office space to appear bigger and organized. Employees can now bond and know other employees.

Frameless glass doors can separate two rooms and still keep it looking good. The best example is when you use the frameless glass to separate the showering area from the rest of the bathroom. You will achieve style and an elegant appearance.

Openness and Honesty

Wall barriers were known to breed employees who are not committed to honesty. This is because you can barely not see what the employees are doing at a glance. The introduction of the frameless glass façade solved this problem. Employees know that there is nothing to hide hence become committed to openness and honesty. If you want to increase productivity among the employees, consider installing frameless glass walls.

Improves Communication

People feel comfortable talking with different employees in person. Knocking doors can sometimes be intimidating. But when employees work in one space with glass wall separations, they feel comfortable talking and interacting. The glass walls also remove the awkwardness of walking through the door without knowing what is happening inside.

Sleek and Modern Design

The frameless glass façade is sleek and modern. Walls and wood separation walls are old-fashioned. If you want to achieve a modern look for your office, consider installing frameless glass walls. The glass can be decorated and make the office look organized and beautiful.

Saves you Cost

The frameless glass façades are durable, which makes them cost-effective. Once you separate your office space with glass walls, they will last forever. Our engineers used thick glass and strong glass walls that are resistant to climatic changes. Walls that need regular repair and maintenance make you dig a little more in your pockets. Glass façade is easy to clean and maintain.

Therefore, the frameless glass façade has elegant and sleek design options. You can use it for doors and windows. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we choose the best glass material for many years. We supply and are experienced in the renovation and installation of a frameless glass façade with a point fixed system. We ensure that the design will meet your desired designs. The advantage of working with professionals is that you will advise on the best designs to invest in.

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