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Wood Timber Fence And Gate

Wood Timber Fence And Gate

There are plenty of materials that one can choose when deciding which to renovate and install a fence and gate. Wood and timber are some of the materials that you can use for fencing. It is always important to look at the benefits of each type of gate to make an informed decision. Wood is not a weak material, even though it is softer than galvanized steel.

Here are the reasons why you should consider investing in the wood and timber fence and gate.


Wood and timber cost is relatively lower compared to galvanised steel and other metallic gates. This advantage makes it easy for someone working with a tight budget. You will achieve complete closure of your property with a wooden gate and fence. To achieve privacy, you can have a fully enclosed timer gate. It will prevent intruders from looking through the gate to see your compound or garden.


Many people think that wooden material is weak. This is not the case because the wooden gate and fence are solid and durable. The durability may not be compared to galvanised steel, but it can serve you for many years. Wooden gates and fences can withstand strong winds and changes in the climate. You are sure to achieve privacy and protection from intruders with the timber gate and fence.

Just because it is timber or wood does not mean that the gate and the fence are not strong. Wood material used to make the gate and fence is a durable and strong type of timber. Wood and timber gates are easy to repair and flexible. You can get the design you like. We have experienced engineers that are good in wood and timber designs.

Aesthetic Value

Unlike plastic or metallic material, wooden material adds aesthetic value to your property by giving a natural look. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we treat the wooden material to ensure that it will last for many years. We also design the gate and fence to add aesthetic value to your property. The wood material is flexible, and a lot can be made out of it. We ensure that you get the best gate and fence design for your home.

Eco Friendly

Compared to other materials, wooden material is environmentally friendly. They are renewable, and when not in use, they can be used as firewood, or they can rot to add nutrients to the soil. It is essential to keep our environment clean and free from toxic substances.

Easy to Repair

It is easy to repair a damaged wooden gate and fence because the material is less costly. Repairing a galvanised metallic gate will cost more than the timber gate. Repair and maintenance are easy, and you do not have to stress over many things.

If you are looking for good wood and timber gate and fence, consider working with professionals. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we have experience in supplying and installing the wooden gate and fence. You will get the best designs.

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