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Custom Metal and Glass Works

Custom Metal and Glass Works Singapore

There are many benefits to investing in custom metal and glass works for your home or commercial space. Custom works ensure that you get designs the same way you imagined them. When choosing materials to renovate your property, you can consider metal or glass, among other materials. Our aim and Metal Glass Work Singapore is to ensure that you get the best designs that will add aesthetic value and last for many years.

Our custom metal and glass work focus on the following:


Awning have advanced over the year to have different designs and styles. The awning has different materials and colors that you can choose to blend in with your interior décor. A homeowner needs to choose a design that is outstanding for the home.

The skylight helps to reduce on electricity bill because it allows natural light in the house during the day. The skylight can also be used as canopy and sun shades. The canopy can absorb heat and keep the house warm at night hence save on electricity bills.

The sunshade protects your furniture from direct sunlight hence prevent the material from fading. It is essential to preserve your furniture and other households from direct sunlight.

Aluminum Glass Linkway

Aluminum glass linkway is a great way of connection extension to a building. The linkway have aluminum frame to hold the glass in position. The frames also protect the glass from breaking. The glass structure allows natural light to access the interior parts of the house. Glass linkways are excellent designs for exterior décor and are fashionable.

The advantage of using aluminum material includes, it is a light material and adds aesthetic value to your property. Aluminum is durable because it can withstand climatic conditions such as rain, sun, and storms. It is resistant to rust and tear. Therefore, it will serve you for many years. It is easy to maintain and clean since it does not need special protection.

Glass and Metal Cladding

Glass and metal cladding can be used for both interior and exterior décor. Decorative metal and glass features add aesthetic value to your home or commercial space. There is a wide range of options for cladding the metals and glass work for homes and commercial spaces.

Metal Glass Work Singapore offers glass cladding and metal cladding solutions. Glass cladding options include treated, tempered, curved, laminated, and enameled glass. All these options suit different décor designs and performances. Metal cladding involves adding an extra metallic coating to protect the metal from wear and tear. The cladding materials include aluminum, zinc, steel, and copper.

Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we help you choose the best cladding for your metal and glass architectural works.

Frameless Glass Façade

If you are looking to renovate doors and windows, you can consider a frameless glass façade. Frameless glass doors and windows are stylish, sleek, and elegant. They seamlessly blend in with your interior décor.

Frameless glass doors can separate two rooms and still keep it looking good. The best example is when you use the frameless glass to separate the showering area from the rest of the bathroom. You will achieve style and an elegant appearance.

Frameless glass façade has elegant and sleek design options. You can use it for doors and windows. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we choose the best glass material for many years. We supply and are experienced in the installation of a frameless glass façade with a point fixed system. We ensure that the design will meet your desired designs. The advantage of working with professionals is that you will advise on the best designs to invest in.

Louvre Blades Facades

We have specialized in the supply and installation of louvre blades with a point fixed system. Our professionals are highly experienced in designing the blades for both residential and commercial spaces.

Louvre blades are visual barriers. If you want to achieve privacy, you can install the louvre blades windows because they prevent outsiders from seeing the inside of your courtyard.

Louvre blades are highly innovative. They can have an open and close mechanism to control how much air you need. The mechanism makes it easy to use louvre blades windows, and even an older adult can operate it. During hot seasons you can increase the louvre blades opening for air to flow and cool your house.

Materials used for louvre blades façade include vinyl, metal, wood, and glass.  You can choose the one that can fit in with your home décor and your renovation budget. Louvre blade windows allow natural light to access the house. They are suitable for your courtyard, where you can relax and enjoy sunlight without the interference of outsiders.

Glass Curtain Wall

The glass curtain wall is considered an elegant feature for modern buildings. Glass curtain walls are common among property owners, especially in commercial spaces. One of the best features of the glass wall is lighting. It allows natural light in the building hence save on electrical energy. You do not have to use artificial lighting during the day. Having natural lighting in the workplace is beneficial because it increases employee productivity.

With a glass curtain wall, you can see the outdoor environment and still preserve privacy. People from outside cannot see through, but people in the building can see the outside. Privacy is essential for every office space.

The glass curtain wall acts as a sealant. It is waterproof, meaning water will not leak in the building during rainy seasons. Property in the building is protected from water damage. Glass material is easy to clean and does not rust. This means that the glass curtain wall will serve you for many years. If you want a durable curtain wall, consider investing in the glass curtain.

Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we are specialized in designing and designing glass and metal items. We have experience in installing metal and glass works in residential areas as well as commercial spaces. 

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