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Glass and Metal Cladding

Glass and Metal Cladding Singapore

Cladding is the application of additional material as a layer on glass or metal. It helps to reduce wear and tear, increases resistance to different climatic conditions, and adds aesthetic value. Colored glass is an alternative of painting and painting.

Glass cladding is easy to maintain and gives an elegant look for both residential and commercial spaces. There is a wide variety of glass cladding material that can be used for exterior or interior decoration.

On the other hand, metal cladding uses other metals to create a protective layer on metallic items. Metal cladding makes metallic items affordable and durable. A cladded metallic item is resistant to rusting and will last long.

Why should you Consider Cladding?


Glass and metal cladding increases the mechanical strength of the material. It increases the resistance of the material to crack. Changes in climatic conditions can make the glass to crack or the metal to become weak. Cladding increases resistance to cracking hence last for many years. Cladding also protects the glass and metal from damages that can be cause by strong winds, heavy rains, and molds. If you want your glass or metallic structures to last for many years, consider cladding.

Aesthetic Value

In addition to increasing strength of glass and metal, cladding I done to increase aesthetic value. Cladding comes in a variety of colors and designs and that can be polished to achieve elegance of both glass and metal surfaces. The homeowner has an endless option of choosing the cladding design that will blend in with the interior or exterior décor. Each type of cladding materials gives a different, elegant and unique look.

Glass and metal cladding can be used for both interior and exterior décor. Decorative metal and glass features add aesthetic value to your home or commercial space. There is a wide range of options for cladding the metals and glass work for homes and commercial spaces.


Cladding material can give an insulation layer against noise and heat. The extra cladding layer can regulate temperature during cold seasons hence help to keep the house warm. It helps to save on electricity cost. Depending on how to think the cladding material is, it can insulate your home against external noise. It helps to keep the house or workspace calm and quiet.

Environmentally Friendly

The cladding has been a beneficial technology because it takes care of the ecology. It helps to achieve sustainability goals because it has minimal carbon print. Technologies that minimize carbon emissions are ecologically friendly. Taking care of the environment is among the sustainable goals in our company.

In conclusion, Metal Glass Work Singapore offers glass cladding and metal cladding solutions. Glass cladding options include treated, tempered, curved, laminated, and enameled glass. All these options suit different décor designs and performances. Metal cladding involves adding an extra metallic coating to protect the metal from wear and tear. The cladding materials include aluminium, zinc, steel, and copper.

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