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Sun Shades, awnings, Roofs, Canopy and Skylight

Sun Shades, awnings, Roofs, Canopy and Skylight Singapore

Awnings provide a solution for natural lighting to access a room. It allows you to enjoy the sunlight while in the house. However, you can also control the light getting in your house by having a sunshade for the awning window. Awnings reduce the cost of air-conditioner because the skylights can regulate the temperature in your home. They also reduce the exposure of your furniture to direct sunlight.

Here are the top reasons to invest in an awning or skylight window.

Natural Light

The main reason many homeowners invest in a skylight window is to allow natural light in the house. The awning has a glass surface that prevents direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause furniture to fade over time. At night, you can use skylight blinds to prevent light from escaping the room. Blinds are an additional feature for the skylight windows.

Temperature Control

As sunlight access the room, it warms up the room.  That means you will save the energy to warm the house using the air conditioner. Also, the skylight window prevents uncomfortable direct sun rays. You can comfortably enjoy the sunshine in your house without worrying about UV rays. The skylight can have blinders to block heat from escaping from your house.

Easy to Operate

You do not have to worry about operating the awning window because you can control it with a remote or smartphone. This makes it easy to operate since it is installed in the roof, and one cannot climb up to open or close it.


Skylight or awning windows add aesthetic value to your house. They are available in different designs that are elegant and can blend in with your interior design. When purchasing the awning roof window, consider your interior design and the type you need for your house. You can check different designs online before you can settle on the one that you love.


Buying and installing the awning windows is pocket-friendly. You do not have to break a bank when you decide to buy and install the skylight window. The pleated blinds, Velux, and perfect are the most common styles among many homeowners. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we help you choose the best style and design that is elegant and durable.

Furniture Protection

Skylight blinds prevent furniture from fading. It helps to keep the furnishing of your house longer. Harsh sunlight rays can discolor your furniture and rugs. Therefore, you should install the blinds in your skylight window. Preventing direct sunlight rays makes your furniture look new and neat for several years. The sunshade window protects your furniture from direct sunlight hence prevent the material from fading. It is essential to preserve your furniture and other households from direct sunlight.

In conclusion, awning windows have advanced over the year to have different designs and styles. The awning has different materials and colors that you can choose to blend in with your interior décor. A homeowner needs to choose a design that is outstanding for the home.

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