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BRC Mesh Gate

BRC Mesh Gate Singapore

BRC mesh gate is made of a fence that is folded at the bottom or at the top. The BRC mesh is installed to make the gate or the fence anti-climb and to add aesthetic value. It is affordable and has several benefits. BRC mesh gates are suitable for institutions, residential homes, commercial properties, and playgrounds.  The gate keeps the intruders off and keeps the people using the property safe.

Security benefits are a top reason for choosing BRC mesh gate as well as other types of fencing. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a BRC mesh gate.


It is durable and safe. It enhances security because it has an anti-climb effect. The BRC mesh can be installed at the bottom of the top of the gate and fence. It helps to prevent intruders from accessing the property. It is vital, able to withstand harsh climatic conditions, and not easily breakable. You are assured of safety and security for your property. You should invest in a BRC mesh fence because it is durable. It is made of steel material which can last for many years as it retains its original shape. The steel can be galvanised to make it resistant to corrosion and rust.

The BRC mesh gate is easy to install; hence it takes minimal time to set it up. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we have specialists who can design and install the BRC mesh gate. Our professionals are highly trained and choose and galvanise the best material. Galvanized steel is the best material because it can resist rust and corrosion.

CCTV cameras can be incorporated into the BRC mesh gate to enhance security. CCTV is a critical security asset for every property because it helps to provide extra surveillance. The advantage of having extra surveillance is that you will get a reduced cost of the insurance. Insurance companies reduce cost for clients that have extra security measures. It helps to reduce the risk of attacks from intruders.

Uses of BRC Mesh Gates

BRC mesh gates are suitable to create barriers and boundaries. They can be used both in residential and commercial areas. They can be used to prevent unauthorized entry in places such as supermarkets, playgrounds, car parks, residential areas, hotels, and swimming pools.

BRC mesh fence is customizable. Our engineers can design and install the BRC mesh fence. We are highly experienced in the installation of the galvanised steel fence and gate. Our engineers will design the steel fence and gate according to your liking. Feel free to let your mind think of any design you want.

Why use Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is the most preferred material for gates and fences because it can withstand different climatic conditions such as hot sun and rain. It is resistant to corrosion and rust; hence it will last for many years. It has minimal maintenance cost hence save you cost during renovation. It can last for many years without considering a replacement. This is a great asset for many property owners because it is a long-term investment.

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