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Custom Metal & Glass Doors

Custom Metal & Glass Doors Singapore

Custom metal and glass doors are meant to improve a home’s aesthetic value or commercial space. When it comes time to choose a new door for your home or commercial space, you will have many options to choose from. Glass doors are aesthetic. They make a home look premium and modern. Glass doors bring in natural light, which improves the rooms’ elegance. It also reduces the electricity bill since it will reduce the need for artificial light daytime.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are becoming popular because of their beautiful design and functionality. They are a perfect solution for limited spaces in homes and commercial spaces. Sliding doors have glass in each panel which brightens a room because it lets in more natural light. Installing sliding doors adds elegance to your home.

Sliding doors are perfect for interior doors in kitchens, living rooms, or bedrooms. You can also install the doors in the bathroom. However, the bathroom glass can be frosted for privacy. Sliding doors are mainly glass which is an excellent solution for limited spaces. They are also perfect for wardrobes.

A sliding door will have vinyl, or wooden, or aluminum frames. You can choose the design of the doors and colors.

Casement and Swing Doors

Casement and swing doors have been around for many centuries because they are simple and elegant. Swing doors open from one side to let in the fresh air. You can also push them when you want to use the door. They are available in different designs and materials. Our engineers will help you choose the best for your home or commercial space.

You will need to clean the door rims to remove debris and dust. It helps to open the door with ease. Casement doors open at a certain degree and can be used as emergency exits in a building. You will need to work with a professional to determine the right angle to open the casement and swing doors.

Bifold, Collapsible and Folding Doors

If you are thinking about renovating your home, you can consider installing folding doors. They are suitable for separating two spaces and maintain accessibility. There are three types of folding doors, aluminum, UPVC, and wood.  Many people prefer aluminum because it is durable and stable. Aluminum is tolerant to extreme weather conditions. However, they cost more than the other types of bifold doors. With UPVC collapsible doors, you might experience discoloration after a few years. Wooden folding doors give a natural look, but moisture will affect the doors after some time.

Folding doors utilize minimal space hence make rooms appear spacious. They are visible because of glass. You can watch kids play outside as you continue working in the house. Folding doors provide good ventilation in the house. Bifold and collapsible doors are elegant and make interior spaces modern and beautiful.

Bathroom and Toilet Doors

Bathrooms and toilets can sometimes be overlooked when renovating a home. Choosing the best door can improve the elegance of the bathrooms and toilets.

Bathroom and toilet doors are mostly glass doors. Sliding doors are best where space is limited, like in toilets and bathrooms. Many homeowners prefer glass doors because of their aesthetic value. They can be frosted for privacy.

If you are looking for doors to renovate your bathroom and toilet, consider installing sliding glass doors. Ensure you work with a professional.

Slide and Swing Doors

Slide and swing doors are popular and are now replacing the patio doors. With slide doors, you can open them to increase ventilation and airflow in the house during the warm season. During the cold season, you can close the doors and still enjoy penetration of natural light.

Slide and swing doors need to be regularly cleaned, especially on the panels. Debris and dust can settle in the panel affecting the efficiency of sliding or swinging. The design of these doors allows them to rest where you slide them.

Frameless Glass Door

The frameless glass door allows the owners to have endless options of designs. They are primarily installed in the bathrooms as frameless shower doors. You need to understand the style and the budget before renovating your residential or commercial property. You can always discuss with a professional to get different quotations for different frameless glass door designs.

Without the frame, the glass door is made thicker to increase its durability and functionality. It makes the bathroom look luxurious and modern.

Aluminum Louvre Door

Aluminum louvre doors can be installed in residential and commercial spaces. If installed correctly, they enhance an excellent flow of air. They also enhance security and prevent rainwater from entering the rooms. They can be installed in plant rooms, offices, and apartment block buildings.

Aluminum louvre doors are available in many styles and types. They are durable and resistant to extreme weather changes. They are a long-term investment when renovating or building a house.

Shower Screen and Panel

The shower screen is the glass panel that separated the bath shower from the rest of the bathroom. It is a permanent solution to replace the shower curtain and helps to stop water from splashing everywhere. The shower screen and panels are available in different shapes and designs. The professional will come to your house to measure the shower area to design a shower screen that will fit well. The preferred shower screens are sliding doors because they are minimalistic.

Roller Shutter Door

Roller shutter doors provide a high security level because they are made of galvanized steel or aluminum, which are strong and durable. They are suitable for garage area and entrances to business spaces. It has a safety lock to prevent it from falling when people or vehicles are accessing the room. The roller shutter door adds aesthetic value to a building.

Custom metal doors can also give a good impression. Metal doors are preferred for front doors because of security. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we have experienced engineers to give you a modern metal door design.

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