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Supply & Installation of Access Panel & Trap Doors

You will find the trap doors or the access panels in almost all buildings, even if you have never used them. If you have been wondering why the trap doors, this article will help you understand the uses of the access panels.

The trap doors have been there for many years, and they have advanced over the years. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we have specialized in the supply and installation of the access panel and trap doors. The trap doors come in different sizes, and each type has a specific function. As a professional trap doors supplier, we provide a neat finishing after the installation to provide easy access to the roof and blend in with the interior décor.

Why the Trap Doors were Invented

The access doors were used for security reasons. People were using trap doors to hide valuable items in certain areas of the building. It protected the valuables from people’s access because it is not easy to tell where the trap doors have been installed. It evolved from using holes and small caves to safeguard valuables. Access door became more valuable and convenient than a hole or a small cave on the ground.

Today, the access doors are used to conceal furnace areas, electrical machines, and plumbing areas. They are also used to access the roof, basements, and other storage spaces in the building. The trap doors are mainly used for repair and maintenance.

Uses of Access Panel and Trap Doors

Today there are many solutions associated with trap doors, and their applications have grown over the years. A door that is used for plumbing may not be used as a crawling space. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we supply and install different types of access doors that meet different uses.

Wall Trap Doors

The access doors installed on the wall have several uses, such as a crawling space and access to plumbing pipes, storage spaces, and cables. The access doors are well-trimmed to fit on the walls. The trap door must not look so evident for security purposes.

Ceiling Access Doors

These trap doors are mainly used to access the crawl space and the roof. We install a ceiling access door that will blend in with the ceiling. It is important for you to hire a professional in access door to get a seamless ceiling.

Roof Trap Doors

The trap doors on the roof give access to the roof and are used for repair and maintenance. It can also be used as an access to get to the roof patio. The roof trap doors can also be used to allow natural light in the house. It is waterproof, and the material used should be resistant to rust.

Ducts Access Doors

These doors are used to access ducts to clean or repair them. They are commonly the laundry and the kitchen ducts. The duct access doors can be small or large, depending on the type of the building.

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