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Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase Singapore

The spiral staircase is simple, elegant, and minimalistic. They occupy a small space and easily blend in with your interior décor just like any other staircase type. The spiral staircase is attached by a vertical post at the center, and the stairs rotate around the post. The staircase can be constructed using wood, steel, glass, and concrete.

The dimensions and preparation of the installation should be done by a professional. This is to make sure that the staircase fits well and is stable. Since they occupy a small space, they can be installed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

Here are reasons for you to consider installing the spiral staircase.

Minimal Space

The spiral staircase is popular among many homeowners is because it occupies minimal space. The staircase has a minimal footprint, and the design is narrow since the staircase goes around a vertical pole. You can install the spiral staircase in the living room and still utilize your space for another interior décor. If you are looking for a staircase design that will allow you to utilize space, consider the spiral staircase.

Easy to Access

Spiral Staircase has easy access as compared to a ladder. Sometimes ladders are limited to height. Ladders are not ideal for daily use. If you want to access a high room in your home, consider installing a spiral staircase. You will gain easy access to all the rooms in your house.


You will achieve flexibility when using the spiral staircase. They can fit in small areas and reach many points in the house because it is spiral. Another aspect of flexibility is that it can be installed without interrupting the plan of the house. You have options that can blend in with your interior décor.

Design and Material

The design can be custom made depending on your desired design. The frame and the railings can be customized. For outdoor, you can consider a metal spiral staircase. Metaling staircase will withstand climatic changes such as rain and sun rays. Wood designs are perfect for indoors. Wood give your home a natural finishing and adds elegance.

Pocket Friendly

The spiral staircase has low-cost installation. You do not have to rob a back to install the spiral staircase. We design and install the spiral staircase within the shortest time possible. If you are looking for a staircase that is pocket friendly, consider the spiral staircase. There are DIY spiral staircases that can save you the cost; however, if you have no experience, consider hiring a professional.


The spiral staircase can be customized to meet your desired design. There is the metal spiral staircase and wooden type. The metal staircase is suitable for outdoor projects, while the wooden one is suitable for indoor projects. The frame of the staircase can be modified to what you want. You can let us know the design that you need, and then our engineers shall design it.

It would help if you always aimed to work with professionals to get the best results during renovation. Professionals will perfectly install the spiral staircase. Contact us today to get a quotation for the spiral staircase. 

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