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Bifold, Collapsible & Folding Doors

Bifold, Collapsible & Folding Doors Singapore

Have you ever considered installing folding doors in your home? Many renovating homeowners consider bifold doors because of space and light. Also, they are designed according to your preference. The folding doors allow maximum light into the house and offer privacy as well. The bifold or collapsible doors are great for businesses and homes.

Here are reasons for you to consider bifold doors.

Minimal Space

Folding doors are great ideal for limited spaces in homes and businesses. If you are minimalistic, you can consider bifold doors. You are assured of a modern look and elegance in your home or office. The doors fold and slide within the frame, unlike the traditional door that needs an arc space.

Minimum Maintenance

Bifold doors are elegant and are low maintenance. They require regular panel cleaning and oiling to make sure they open and fold smoothly. Oiling is done periodically to maintain the doors in good condition.


Bifold doors fold neatly on both sides when open. It allows people to move in and out freely. Folding doors is practical for confined spaces and does not interfere with accessibility. Collapsible doors are ideal for wheelchair users because they are easy to open and close.

Modern Look

Folding doors are elegant and make a home modern. There are different designs that add aesthetic value to a home. Homes with bifold doors or collapsible doors have a high resale value. If you are looking to renovate a house to make it look modern, you consider installing collapsible doors.


You can open the bifold door fully or halfway, depending on how you want air to flow in the house. You can control the movement of air within the house during cold weather.

Natural Light

Bifold doors allow maximum light into the room. You will not need to use artificial lighting during the day. You will save on your electricity bill. Natural lighting brightens the home and makes it lively. Also, natural light at workplace help to increase productivity. Dull workplaces can demotivate employees.


Aluminium collapsible doors are durable and strong. They do not bend and are not prone to wearing out. They can last you many years before you think about replacing them. If you do not know the best and durable design to install, book a consultation session with us. We have experienced engineers who will help you choose the best folding door design.


Safety has been a concern for glass doors. The good news is that you can install shatterproof safety glass to improve security. You can also incorporate alarms and locks for the collapsible door. The locks prevent the glass door from being lifted from its frame.

Saves Space

Folding doors move within a frame, using minimal space compared to a door that swings to open. There is no extra space required for the door arc. A folding door is perfect for limited spaces in residential homes and commercial buildings.

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