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Sliding Window

Sliding Window Singapore

Sliding windows are modern and popular with many homeowners. The window opens horizontally through a sliding mechanism. It has minimal or no frames, which allows natural light to access the room. A professional company like Metal Glass Work Singapore will help you choose the best sliding window within your renovating budget. Our professionals will help you determine the right sliding window for your property.

Here are the reasons for you to invest in sliding windows.

Minimal Maintenance

Sliding windows have fewer parts as compared to traditional windows. This makes them have low maintenance and are cost-effective—no extra cost is needed to keep the window operational.


Slider windows do not use springs or pulleys. Pulleys and springs do wear out over time. Since sliding windows do not use these things, they last longer. If you are looking for a durable window with minimal chances of repair, you can consider sliding windows.

Saves on Energy Cost

You do not need artificial lighting during the day because the windows allow natural light to access the rooms. In the end, you will save on electricity bills hence save more money. Natural lighting has many benefits like increases productivity and makes the rooms look lively and aesthetic.

Sliding windows are economical because you can get them at a lower price compared to other custom windows. If you are looking to save some money for your home renovation, you can consider installing the sliding windows. They are suitable for both warm and cold weather seasons.  You can contact us to know the different options available for the sliding windows.

Easy to Use and add Aesthetic Value

Slider windows are easy to use because you only need to push them. This is something you should consider if you are renovating a home for the elderly. These windows enhance the beauty of the rooms. They are easy to use and allow maximum flow of air in and out of the house. They slide smoothly, and they are lightweight, making them suitable for the elderly and people living with disabilities.


Just like any other window, sliding windows increase ventilation during warm seasons. It makes it possible to regulate the temperature in the room. In cold seasons, you can close the windows to keep a warm temperature within the room. Warm air in the room will not leak outside, hence use minimal energy to keep the room warm.

Beautiful Outdoor View

slider windows provide better outdoor views. They are vast, and the glass allows you to view your external environment. Also, the windows allow natural light in the house even when closed. Lighting enhances the aesthetic view of your home. Light makes people living in the house active and happy during the day. In the end, you save on electricity bills because you do not need artificial lighting during the day.

If you are unsure of the design and the sliding window style to install, you can contact us today. Our professionals will help you choose the best design and style for your property. 

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