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Slide and Swing Doors

Slide and Swing Doors Singapore

Slide and swing doors are unique and versatile. They offer easy functionality and elegance. You can control how much you can open the aesthetic door. The doors are safe because it is impossible to lift or disengage them from the track, making them secure and safe. Unlike the traditional doors that require an arc space to open the door, slide and swing doors do not need extra space to operate. They are suitable for limited spaces when one considers renovating their property.

Slide and swing doors are suitable for your living room. They use minimal space because they do not open inward or outward. This is unlike other doors that need more space. Also, you can slide the door as you desire to allow enough ventilation in the house.

Here is why you should consider installing slide and swing doors.

  • Increases visibility. You can clearly see outside.
  • The doors are simple to operate. The doors slide smoothly along the panel.
  • It has the latest technology for smooth gliding along the track.
  • They have excellent thermal proof. You can control ventilation during different seasons.
  • The doors are safe and secure because the doors cannot be disengaged from their panels.
  • Suitable for interior doors.

Myths about Slide and Swing Doors

Despite the many benefits of slide and swing doors, there are several myths associated with these doors. Such myths can prevent customers from buying these doors. This article will clarify these myths.

The Material used does not Make a Difference

This is a misconception because materials to be used in swing and slide doors determine how well the door can insulate your home. The material also determines how long the doors will last. You need to choose the material that is durable and secure. The material needs to withstand harsh weather and pressure. If you are not sure which material to use, book a consultation session with us today.

Slide and Swing Doors are Ideal for Large Spaces

This is a misconception that has prevented many homeowners from investing in slide and swing doors. Slide and swing doors have different designs and can be configured depending on the space available in your house. Our engineers take into consideration of the available space to install the door. Space is not a limitation of slide and swing doors because these doors save on space.

If you are looking to renovate your house, you can comfortably choose slide and swing doors because they add aesthetic value. They are elegant, safe, and secure. The doors will serve you all year round. Our engineers will help you choose the best material that are durable and will withstand extreme climatic conditions 

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