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Roller Shutter Door

roller shutter door singapore

If you own a business, security is at the top of the list. Roller shutter doors help to protect your business and have a security advantage. If you have not yet installed a roller shutter door in your business, it is now time to consider it when you are doing renovation.

Here are reasons for any business owner to invest in roller shutter doors.


Secure your business premises with roller shutter doors. Business stock can be worth thousands of dollars, and you cannot afford to lose it. Even if you have an insurance cover, it can really take a lot of time before paying out. This is because an investigation must be done to ensure that the items were stolen. This will harm your business as you wait for the payout.

To avoid all the trouble, secure your business premises. It is not easy for criminals to break roller shutters. They are most likely to fail because of the noise and commotion. It will draw the attention of the security.

Protect your Business from Vandalism

The Roller shutter door prevents your business from vandalism. When strikes and commotion arise in cities, people loot and vandalize items. Businesses with glass or wooden doors are most vulnerable. Roller shutters are not easily broken. They may deface the doors trying to break in, but they may fail. This helps to secure your business from loss and stealing.

Reduce Insurance Charges

Installing roller shutters will significantly reduce your insurance premiums. This is because thieves are less likely to steal from your business. Reducing the risk of your business being attacked will reduce the cost of insurance. Your business stock is also protected from extreme weather changes and fire.


You can achieve privacy with roller shutters. The last thing you would want is people to see you are counting your new stock. You can lower the roller shutter door and count your stock without the interference of outsiders. Roller shutters allow your employees to work and manage stock with minimal distraction, even on a busy road.

Weather Protection

Sometimes it can rain heavily, and water can leak into the business stores. The roller shutter door will protect your items from rain, hail, and wind damage. Another advantage of the roller shutters is that it keeps off the fire from your business. If you have not yet invested in a roller shutter door, you are risking your business to damage.

Insulation Benefits

Roller shutter doors act as insulators and help you save money on air condition bills. It helps to keep a balanced temperature in the room. A business always looks out on cutting the cost and maximize on profits.

Long Term Value

Roller shutter doors are a long-term investment in securing your business. They can last over ten years with proper care maintenance. The material used to make them are durable and resistant to extreme weather changes.  They may cost more than glass or wooden doors, but they are worth investing in a business.

The roller shutters are not limited to businesses; you can also install them in your home garage. 

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