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Custom Residential Letter Box

Custom Residential Letter Box Singapore

In the past years, people used to wake up every morning to check their letterboxes for letters from loved ones or pen-pal letters. With the increasing technology, modes of communication have changed. Letterboxes are still essential to families. Every home needs a custom residential letterbox for receiving letters and mails that usually come through the letterbox.

Why you need Steel Custom Residential Letterbox

  • Other materials can be used to make letterboxes like plastic and wood. However, stainless steel is the best metal to use for a letterbox of all the available materials. Steel is resistant to corrosion and rust; hence will last for many years. It is suitable for all climates and suitable for people living at the coast, unlike the wooden letterbox that rot with the exposure to rain and sun. Plastic letterboxes discolor with exposure to the sun.
  • Someone may think a metallic letterbox is dull and unattractive. This is not usually the case, especially with stainless steel custom residential letterbox. A customized letterbox makes it stand out from the rest in the neighborhood. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we manufacture outstanding custom letterboxes. We can also engrave your address or welcome words in the letterbox.  
  • Safety is essential with letterboxes. You receive mails from banks, hospitals, and schools, among other essential mails. These mails need to be secured in the letterbox because letterboxes are susceptible to vandalism and damage. It would help if you had a strong letterbox to guard your mails. The best material to use to guard your mails is stainless steel. You can also have an additional safety lock which can be customized with the letterbox.
  • The stainless steel is safe to store your mails. If you are away from your home for several days, you will still find your mails safe in the letterbox. The letterboxes also serve as address plaque for your home.
  • Letterboxes are an easy way of distributing flyers because the flyers can be left in the letterbox. This is beneficial because it will prevent you from knocking to residential homes and offices. Using a letterbox for distributing flyers and letters is an effective way of marketing because people visit the letterbox to check. Letterboxes are easy to install. The metal used for letterboxes is treated to ensure they are durable and resistant to different climatic conditions.
  • Custom residential letterbox protects your privacy. Letters will be dropped in the letterboxes without having to knock into your house. Imagine if you had to open a door for everyone bringing the mail. It would be tiresome and will affect the privacy of your home. A lockable letterbox also secures sensitive information which you do not want to end up in the wrong hands.
  • You can allow your neighbors to leave notes in the custom residential letterbox. Anything that is not an emergency can be dropped in the letterbox. You will not worry about neighbors ringing your doorbell for non-emergency things.
  • We can also make custom letterboxes out of fiberglass

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