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Aluminum Glass Linkway

Aluminum Glass Linkway Singapore

Aluminum glass linkway is an excellent option to connect two properties seamlessly. The glass linkway minimizes the visibility of connecting two properties. The linkway provides additional shelter and adds aesthetic value.

Aluminum glass linkway is a glass with aluminum frame used to link two buildings. The type of glass to be used depends on your budget. The best and durable material will cost more, but it will save you frequent changing of the glass due to breakage.

If you work with professionals, the glass installation will take minimal time.

How to use Aluminum Glass Linkway

Glass links are commonly used when renovating your home, and you have an extension project. The linkway connects the home to the exterior buildings or can connect two properties. Since it is glass, it creates a seamless connection between two structures. This is a suitable solution when dealing with sensitive extension projects.

The advantage of using the glass links is that the property remains in its original state. It does not cause any construction interruptions to the existing building. The aluminum glass linkway can be designed to suit your extension project.


The aluminum glass links can be used to connect two buildings and create a walkway shelter. Double or triple glazing can be used to insulate the walkway. Glass links are an excellent solution to utilize idle space between buildings.

For the walkway project, the glass links will need to be held in position by beams, especially if the walkway is long. The safety of the passerby is essential. You do not want the glass linkway to collapse when people are using it. Work with professionals because they will ensure that the glass walkway is stable and safe to use.

Doors in Glass Links

The aluminum glass links can have doors. An aluminum framed glass door can be installed to make the linkway accessible. It is suitable when the area being link is spacious. You can use it for outdoor activities such as basking under the sun or relaxing.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum frame is durable and can last 30 years. This material is considered durable and resistant to wear and tear. It is lightweight and is resistant to rusting. This is why aluminum frame is more preferred for different use such as glass linkway and windows.

Aluminum is flexible. It can take different shapes and designs to add aesthetic value to your property. It is easy to maintain and clean. You can clean the glass linkway frame after every 2 or 3 months. It helps to keep the glass shiny and to give aluminum frame a new look.

Aluminum is environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic and recyclable hence leave a minor or no footprint in the environment. Recycling aluminum uses minimal energy compared to the energy used to manufacture it. This helps to keep the environment clean and safe.

Consider using aluminum frame if you are looking for the best frame to use for a glass linkway. It will last for many years. Contact us to know more about the aluminum glass linkway installation and renovation.

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