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Supply & Installation of Galvanized Steel Fence Gate

Supply & Installation of Galvanized Steel Fence Gate

Fencing is a significant feature for industries, commercial buildings, and residential houses. There are many types of fencing available, but the most preferred type is the galvanized steel.  Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we supply and install galvanized steel fence gates. The increasing demand for low maintenance and affordable fences is what has led to the increase in the use of galvanized steel. Other fencing materials may require a lot of time to prepare, renovate, and install, making them not suitable for large-scale projects.

Reasons why you Should Choose Galvanized Steel Fence Gate

Galvanized steel fence is affordable. When comparing this metallic material to other types, the price is lower. Other materials take long in preparation to make them resistible to rust and corrosion, making them expensive. Galvanization is a quick and efficient process that is less costly. It is ideal when working with a tight budget.

This type of steel fence has minimal maintenance. Galvanised steel fences can withstand changes in climatic conditions and can resist rust. It does not need regular touch-ups to make it durable hence making it have low maintenance. You will save on the cost of maintenance.

Galvanized steel is durable, reliable, and affordable. It is a reliable fencing option for both commercial and residential areas. It will last for many years.

Types of Galvanized Steel Fence Gate

Anti-Climb Fence

The anti-climb fence has a wire mesh pattern that provides extra security. Just like the name suggests, a person can not climb on the fence because the wire mesh is designed to prevent intruders. It is also strong, which prevents an intruder from cutting the fence. You can discuss with one of our professionals to determine whether the anti-climb fence is suitable for your property.

The anti-climb fence is secure and rigid, making it difficult for an intruder to cross or break into your property. It is mainly combined with fence spikes or barbed wire at the top to boost security. This type of fence is popular in prisons, government offices, military properties, and utility facilities requiring high security.

The anti-climb fence provides visibility and is resistant to rust and corrosion. You can achieve both security and visibility. It is also easy to install; hence the project installation will take minimal time.

BRC Mesh Gate

BRC mesh gates are suitable to create barriers and boundaries. They can be used both in residential and commercial areas. They can be used to prevent unauthorized entry in places such as supermarkets, playgrounds, car parks, residential areas, hotels, and swimming pools.

You should invest in a BRC mesh fence because it is durable. It is made of steel material which can last for many years as it retains its original shape. The steel can be galvanized to make it resistant to corrosion and rust.

BRC mesh fence is easy to install. Our engineers can design and install the BRC mesh fence. We are highly experienced in the installation of the galvanized steel fence and gate. Our engineers will design the steel fence and gate according to your liking.

Steel Hoarding Panels

Hoarding panels are suitable for construction sites. They are temporarily built to secure the construction from unauthorized personnel and enhances safety. Steel hoarding panels are made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel adds strength to the hoarding panels.

The steel hoarding panels are important because they secure and add safety to your construction project. It is part of the construction regulations to secure your construction site to restrict unauthorized people from accessing the site. The hoarding panels should be installed before the construction start.

Steel hoarding panels protect the public from construction hazards such as falling objects, dust, construction accidents such as falling, and noise. We install the steel hoarding panels to provide safety to the public and ensure that your construction aligns with safety regulations.

Steel Partition Panels

Steel partition panels are used to divide spaces at workplaces. They are cost-effective and can be removed in case you want to increase the space of a partition. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we have experience in designing and installing steel partition panels. We supply and install the partition panels in warehouses, workspaces, and factories. We carry out the installation process with minimal interruptions.

We install steel partition panels that are easy to clean and maintain. Steel material is resistant to corrosion and rust. You are assured of a long-lasting steel partition for your workspace. The steel partitions are also strong and can withstand changes in climatic conditions. A long-lasting material is suitable for office and space partitioning because they have minimal maintenance.

If you are looking for professionals to design and install the steel partition panels, contact us today. Our staff has experience in handling steel and creating eye-catching designs.

School Security Fence

Security and safety are essentials to educational institutions. Having tight security measures is essential for the school as well as the community. Parents prefer taking their children to secure schools. As a result, the school security fence has become popular among educational institutions. Schools need to be protected from intruders, and students need to be protected from wandering outside the school compound.

School security fence improves supervision of students. It is easier to supervise students in an institution that is enclosed and has boundaries. This means intruders cannot access the institution, and students can not easily leave the institution without permission.

Wood and Timber Fence and Gate

Wood and timber fence and gate are the most inexpensive material, compared to metal and galvanized steel. Wooden gates and fences are attractive and are environmentally friendly. If you are working with a tight budget and still want to achieve privacy for your property, you can invest in a timber gate and fence.

Just because it is timber or wood does not mean that the gate and the fence are not strong. Wood material used to make the gate and fence is a durable and strong type of timber. Wood and timber gates are easy to repair and flexible. You can get the design you like. We have experienced engineers that are good in wood and timber designs. 

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