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Car Park Barrier Gate

Car Park Barrier Gate Singapore

A barrier gate boosts security and helps to control traffic in a busy driveway. In the previous years, barrier gates were manually operated, which was difficult and time-consuming. With the advancement in technology, we now have automatic barrier driveway gates that are easy to operate. Gate barriers are suitable for a busy driveway, especially in malls and other commercial spaces.

Here is why you should invest in an automatic barrier driveway gate.

Efficient for Drivers

Automated barrier gates are convenient for drivers because it is time-efficient.  The gate opens after sensing an automobile or using the cards to activate the gate’s opening. One does not need to wait for a person to open the barrier gate manually. The automated barrier gate also closes after the vehicle has gone. It saves time; hence the driver can reach where they are going within a short time.


Barrier gates boost security. A vehicle is held and crosschecked for safety purposes. Security guards boost the security of a property with the help of automatic barrier gates. In case of a security breach or stealing, they can hold vehicles until they get cleared. Also, the gate barrier allows the security guard to take details of the vehicles.


Automatic barrier gates are convenient. You only need to press a remote, and it opens then closes. This is unlike other gates where you need to open the door which is time-consuming physically. If you are looking for a convenient way of operating the entry gate, consider investing in an automatic barrier gate.


Barrier gates can be customized to meet your needs during renovation. Our engineers design the barrier gates according to your needs. Every property needs a unique and well-designed automatic barrier driveway gate. We ensure that the gate no only boosts security but also adds aesthetic value to your property.

The barrier gates can be controlled by a remoted even when the car is few meters away from the gate. It improves convenience and reduces time wastage at the gate.


Automatic barrier driveway gates are durable because they are made of strong materials that can withstand changes in weather conditions. The gate can also withstand heavy vehicles entering and living the property.

Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we ensure that the material used for barrier gates is strong and is not affected by climatic changes.


Barrier automatic gates provide additional protection to the property and people accessing the property. It is because they create a safe boundary between your property and outside. People cannot drive in and out of your property without the consent of the security guards. This makes people using the property feel safe and protected.

Keep Away Unauthorized Vehicle

Automatic barrier gates are beneficial in commercial business because it helps to keep away unauthorized vehicles. Vehicles that are not authorized to access the building will not get past the security. Also, the security guards have an easy time controlling vehicles getting in and out of the building.

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