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Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors Singapore

Considering sliding doors is a smart move for your house. Sliding doors are multifunctional, and they will add value to your property. Sliding doors are becoming popular for both homeowners and commercial spaces. They can be used to partition spaces in commercial spaces since they do not occupy extra space. Sliding doors are available in different designs and types. If you are looking to renovate your home or office space, you can consider sliding doors.

Reasons for considering sliding doors.

Saves you Energy

Sliding doors are fitted with glasses that allow natural light in the rooms. You will not need artificial lighting during the day. It will save you electricity bills in the long run. Also, the sliding doors can be fitted with insulators that help to regulate temperatures.

Ease Movements

It is easy to move in and out of a room with a sliding door as compared to a traditional door. Sometimes you do not need to open the door to see outside. You can keep check of your children as you continue working in the house.


Today, you can install shatterproof safety glass to improve security. You can also incorporate alarms and locks for the sliding door. The locks prevent the glass door from being lifted from its frame.

Saves Space

Sliding doors move within a frame, using minimal space compared to a door that swings to open. There is no extra space required for the door arc. A sliding door is perfect for limited spaces in residential homes and commercial buildings.

Aesthetic Value

Sliding doors add aesthetic value to homes and offices. They are becoming popular with many homeowners because they are elegant and beautiful. Since they allow natural light, rooms appear brighter and lively.


Glass sliding doors are environmentally friendly, unlike wooden doors, where trees must be cut to manufacture the doors. They are durable and insulators. They help to reduce electricity bills hence save on energy.


You can choose glazing glass sliding doors that protect you from UV rays. Translucent glass doors preserve privacy. People outside can hardly see what is in the inside. You can have such sliding doors in the bathroom to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.


Sliding doors are elegant and add aesthetic value to a home or commercial space. It is a design that maximizes natural light and outdoor views. They are easy to operate and maintain. However, regular panel cleaning is important for the door to slide smoothly. As dust and debris accumulate over time, it can affect the function of the sliding door.

Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we have engineers specialized in installing sliding doors. We provide you with the best designs and after installation service. We have a wide range of options for you to choose the type and design that will suit your budget. Our staff are trained and will conduct the project with high professional standards.

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