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Custom Staircase and Railings

Staircase and Railings Singapore

Custom staircase and railings provide safe passage and add aesthetic value to your home. Customizing the staircase adds elegance to your home. There are many design options for customizing the staircase and railings. You can choose a pattern that suits your personality and matches your home décor. Renovating your staircase is an exciting project.

If you are looking for experts in Singapore, consider working with Metal Glass Works Singapore. We will provide you with unique and elegant styles for your staircase. Our engineers can design iron staircase railings that are eye catching. It will add not only aesthetic value but also increase resale value.

There are many design options available. Custom staircase and railings are designed to blend in with your interior décor.  Iron staircases provide firm railings hence enhancing safety.

Here are the different types of staircase and railings that we provide.

Staircase Railings

Staircase railings and handrails not only provide safety but also adds elegance to your home. The railings can also be installed in workspaces. Curved staircase railings are suitable for a workspace. If you want to add value to your staircase, consider adding handrails. Handrails decorate the staircase and provide firm support for the users. Handrails can be fabricated to add the aesthetic value of the staircase.

It would be best if you considered the following when choosing handrails:

  • The best material is stainless steel. It gives your staircase a modern look.
  • Stainless steel material is easy to customize. The handrails will be customized to blend in with the staircase.
  • Choose a material that can be customized to achieve a detailed look.
  • Wrought iron is also available for making the handrails. It is a durable and strong material. It may cost higher that other materials, but it is worth your investment.

We make handrails for existing staircases too. You can contact us to get your quotation.

Spiral Staircase

Incorporating a staircase in your home or office may not be an easy task, especially where the space is limited. The good news is that the spiral staircase takes minimal space compared to the other types. If you are looking to maximize the minimal available space in your home, you can consider installing the spiral staircase. The spiral staircase has a minimal footprint, but it is strong enough to support the movement.

You will achieve flexibility when using the spiral staircase. They can fit in small areas and reach many points in the house because it is spiral. Another aspect of flexibility is that it can be installed without interrupting the plan of the house. You have options that can blend in with your interior décor.

The spiral staircase can be customized to meet your desired design. There is the metal spiral staircase and wooden type. The metal staircase is suitable for outdoor projects, while the wooden one is suitable for indoor projects. The frame of the staircase can be modified to what you want.

This staircase has a low cost of installation. It is economical and pocket friendly and still improves the aesthetic value of the house.

Glass Railing

Glass railing is a modern alternative for wooden handrails. Glass panels are usually secured with clips and mounted to a post. We use steel or wood posts to provide mounting space for the glass railing.

When installing the glass railing, we consider safety first. We use strong glass and safe material that is tempered or laminated. We are specialized in providing high quality glass for your staircase. The reason for using tempered glass is so that when it breaks, it can shatter into tiny cubes rather than sharp pieces. One side of the glass will remain intact for the laminated glass while the other side will shatter.

It is easy to maintain glass railing. You will need soapy water or vinegar to clean the glasses. You do not need scrubbers or brushes. Regular cleaning makes the glass appear clean and new. If you do not clean them, the glasses will look dirty and old.

Stainless Steel Balustrade & Glass Railing

Balustrades provide additional support to the handrail. They ensure that the staircase is strong and durable. They also improve safety because they make it hard to fall off the staircase. Stainless steel balustrade is resistant to rust, wear, and tear. These are the best balustrade type for longevity.

Stainless steel balustrade adds elegance to the glass railing and handrails. It makes the staircase look stylish and attractive. This is important to every home. Homeowners love installing items that add to the aesthetic value of the house as well as safety.

The cost of stainless steel balustrade is pocket friendly. It is a one-time investment because it is long lasting, strong, and durable. It will not cost you more money to maintain the balustrade and glass railing, and handrails. Once you pay for installation, you will enjoy using the staircase for many years without repairing it. Since stainless steel does not rust, you will save on maintenance costs.

Balcony Railing

The function of a balcony railing is not only aesthetic but also safety. People in the house feel safe when they access balconies with railing. Many materials can be used for balcony railings, such as concrete, wood, metals, and glass. However, glass railing has become common among many homeowners because it is durable and elegant. Glass railing makes the balcony stylish.

The balcony glass railing is added stainless steel balustrade to enhance safety and add elegance. Stainless steel material is durable and resistant to rust. Stainless steel can be customized to any design to make your balcony stylish. Stainless steel glass balcony is easy to maintain. It is easy to clean because you need a wipe and soapy water.

Balcony stainless steel and glass railing is the best option for your balcony. It is pocket friendly and long lasting. You will use it for many years without considering a replacement. Since steel can be customized into different designs, you can get a custom balcony stainless steel and glass railing.

If you are looking for a professional in staircase and railings, consider hiring Metal Glass Work Singapore. We have experienced professionals who will give you the best designs.

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