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Refuse and Rubbish Chute Hopper

Refuse and Rubbish Chute Hopper Singapore

Here at Metal Work Singapore, we provide the best quality refuse and rubbish chute hopper made of aluminum or steel. Rubbish chute is a significant part of managing hygiene in any household.  The absence of a refuse chute will attract cockroaches, unwanted pests, and ants. A good quality rubbish chute will prevent undesirable odor and fumigation. Our professional refuse hoppers prevent health risks and last for many years.

What are the Benefits of Rubbish Chute?

A refuse chute is a large tube that collects trash from different floors of a building and collects them in one place at the ground level. Chute doors are positioned on each floor for placing trash.

We provide the best quality refuse and rubbish chute hopper made of aluminum or stainless steel. We treat the metal material to ensure that it does not attract ants, pests, and cockroaches. A chute hopper is an essential feature in a building, especially those with many floors. A well-designed rubbish chute hopper prevents odor and good management of waste. Our professionals will design a chute hopper with the best aluminum and stainless-steel grade.

Refuse Chutes are Convenient

Refuse chutes are convenient to the employee who collects garbage. It saves them the time and energy to collect garbage from every floor. People can put the trash in the refuse chutes, which will collect at one point at the ground level. The employee will easily collect the rubbish from one point and dispose of it.

No Touching of Dirt

The advantage of having the refuse chute is that one touches the dirt with the hands. In most cases, the trash chutes lead directly to the main bin. The litter and dirt thrown into the chute have minimal touching, making it safe for garbage collectors. It minimizes direct contact hence reduce the chances of contracting diseases. Refuse chutes are beneficial to businesses because the company’s information will not be lying around.


The refuse chutes are hygienic because it prevents direct contact with the litter. It also reduces rubbish accumulation which prevents rodents and insects from accessing your home. Accumulation of dirt attracts cockroaches and other rodents that can bring infections to your house.


Rubbish chutes are beneficial in keeping an institute organized, especially buildings with many floors. The chute directs trash to a central place where the cleaning employees can remove the bins. Refuse chutes can be used in construction buildings to allow workers to throw down materials. It is a safe and organized way to collect trash and litter. Keeping a building organized and hygienic reduces the chances of getting diseases and avoids the breeding of pests.

Integrating refuse and rubbish chute hopper is becoming a significant need in construction and design. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we provide the best quality chutes that are convenient. Out refuse chutes are durable and will serve you for many years. Garbage collection has become convenient and easy with rubbish chutes.

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