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Frameless Glass Door

Frameless Glass Door Singapore

Frameless glass doors do not have metal or rubber frames. They blend seamlessly with the décor. A thicker tampered glass material is used for the frameless glass doors for durability.

There are other options for providing closure to your shower area. The options include a shower curtain, sliding doors, and framed doors. However, if you are looking for luxurious doors to renovate your bathroom, you can consider installing a frameless glass door when renovating your property.

Reasons why you should consider installing frameless doors.


The designer can design the door in your preferred frameless door design. The door can be designed to fit the needs of your bathroom. It helps to prevent water splashing to the rest of the bathroom area. Our engineers will take measurements to customize a frameless glass door that will fit.


The bathroom needs uniform lighting. Dark showers can make it challenging to find soap, razor, or shampoo. With the frameless glass door, natural light can flow into space, as well as the uniform flow of artificial light. Glass doors improved visibility.

Make Space feel Larger

Shower curtains make bathrooms look fuller because they block the sight of the entire bathroom. With the frameless glass door, your eyes can see the entire bathroom creating an impression that the bathroom is ample.


There is less chance for molds to build upon frameless glass doors. There are no frames around it that can gather moisture that contributes to mold build-up. It is easy to clean the glass door since it does not harbor stains.

Modern Look

These doors give your bathroom a modern look. It is less bulky and sleek because it has no frames. It adds aesthetic value to your bathroom. It gives a luxurious look to spas and bathrooms are.

Rust Free

They do not have metallic frames that corrode with time due to moisture accumulation. You will enjoy a frameless glass door for many years without replacing it, unlike the metallic frames that you constantly replace because of rust.

Glass door which is frameless is the best alternative for renovating your bathroom.

Adds Value to your Property

Kitchen and bathrooms are areas to showcase how modern the house is. If you are in the real estate business, consider installing frameless glass doors in the bathroom. You will attract potential home buyers. Homebuyers prefer buying homes that have a modern touch.

Also, homeowners can renovate their homes to add a modern look.


The frameless glass door never gets outdated with time. Frameless doors are class, elegant, and quality. The door provides a timeless modern look and can last you many decades.

The drawback with frameless glass doors is that they cost more than framed doors. However, they are worth investing in because they can serve you for many years. Also, since they do not have frames, water can leak out of the shower area to the rest of the bathroom. This can be solved by having fitted frameless glass doors.

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