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Custom Clothes Drying Rack

Custom Clothes Drying Rack Singapore

Drying clothes with natural light is beneficial because it helps many renovating homeowners to save on costs. To achieve this, you will need to have clothes drying rack. Outdoor drying of clothes replaces other expensive forms of drying clothes. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we design and install quality clothes drying racks for homeowners.

A drying rack is used for drying clothes after they have been washed. The clothes drying rack is located inside the house. After washing the clothes using the washing machine, it is essential to allow the clothes to air. It helps to reduce the risk of having dumb clothes. The rack is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to rusting and corrosion. The drying rack can also be made of wooden material. However, stainless steel is better because it is durable and resistant to rust. It will serve you for many years.

Benefits of Clothes Drying Rack

Reduces Electricity Cost

Outdoor drying of clothes reduces energy consumption rate hence cut on electricity cost. Once you start using a drying rack for your clothes, you will notice a significant drop in energy cost over time. However, outdoor clothes drying racks will need maintenance and proper fixing. Nevertheless, an adequately fixed drying rack will serve you for more than ten years.

Protects Clothes

Drying clothes with a dryer reduces the lifespan of clothes. This is because the electric dryer may affect the sheen of the clothes, and it can cause the loosening of material fibers. On the other hand, outdoor drying protects the clothes from high temperatures in the electric dryer hence prolong the lifespan.


Clothes drying racks are portable; hence you can constantly shift them from outdoors and indoors depending on what you want. For instance, during rainy seasons, you would want to dry your clothes indoors. The rack can be removed and installed where it is convenient. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we design quality and portable clothes drying racks.

Outdoor Drying Gets Rid of Insects

Properties of natural light are beneficial to you clothes because it helps to keep away insects and pests. Therefore, it is essential to install the drying racks to allow clothes to dry under the sun. from time to time, allow your clothes to dry naturally under the sun.

Easy to Use

Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we make clothes drying racks that are easy to use. Our drying racks can be used by older people as well because they are user-friendly. However, complicated drying racks can be difficult to use, hence discouraging homeowners from hanging clothes, hence spending more energy on electric drying.


The drying racks occupy minimal space; hence will not take up much space in your home, both indoor and outdoor. The clothes drying racks are a good choice for those with laundry rooms because the racks are minimalistic. Here at Metal Glass Work Singapore, we help our customers get the best drying rack designs. We have permanent racks and portable racks. So the customer will always get what they desire. We recommend stainless steel to take care of your clothes.  Also, this material is long-lasting and durable.

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