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Casement and Swing Doors

Casement and Swing Doors Singapore

Casement doors are popular in many homes because they look elegant. They are appropriate to improve ventilation. They provide a nice breeze during warm seasons. They are common in living rooms and bedrooms. Swing doors are designed depending on your preference and the door space measurements. Swing doors need space for the arc when opening the door, unlike the sliding doors.

Excellent Ventilation

Casement or swing doors provide excellent ventilation to a building. When the door is open, you get a free airflow from top to bottom. The casement doors can be set at different angles to allow the free flow of air. This means you can control the amount of air coming into the house.

Energy Efficient

Swing doors are considered energy efficient because when closed, there is a minimal air leakage chance. Trapping warm air in the house helps to minimize the energy to be used to warm the house. You can be comfortable during cold seasons without paying more energy bills.

You can view outside

Casement doors can have glasses that allow you to view outside even when the door is closed. This is advantageous, especially when you have children outside. You can monitor them as you continue working in the house. Also, the glass casement doors allow natural light in the home.

Awesome Designs

Swing or casement doors have a variety of designs and options. You have a wide variety of options to choose from to make your house look elegant. Consider working with a specialist to help you choose the best swing door design for your home.

Easy to Operate

It is easy to operate a casement door by opening or closing using a handle. They are also easy to clean as they mostly open inwardly. If you are looking for a low maintenance door, you can consider a swing door.

The challenge with casement doors is that you cannot install the air conditioners on them especially if they are opening outward. However, this is not a great issue because the swing doors are good at regulating air flow during hot weather. They do not leak air when closed, which helps to keep the house warm during cold weather.

Some may consider casement doors costly. However, there are designs and options available to suit your budget. There are affordable swing doors that can make your house elegant. Our consultancy teams will help you choose the best swing door design for your renovating home.

They are appropriate for interior doors because of security. The main door to your house should be strong, durable, and probably made of strong metal like steel or aluminium. Casement interior doors add elegance and aesthetic value to your home or office space.

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