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Shower Screen and Panel

Shower Screen and Panel Singapore

A good shower is as important as choosing the best shower screen and panel. You would not want to alter the elegance of your bathroom with a shower curtain. Shower curtains are old-fashioned. The bath shower screen and panel not only prevent water from splashing but also make your bathroom look modern and neat.

Bath shower screens are glass panels that separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. They look much better and neater than shower curtains. They are easy to clean, and the glass material can withstand temperature changes.

Types of the Shower Screen

Single Panel

Just from the name, it is made of one panel and can move on a hinge. These are common because they are simple and neat. They are frameless and suitable for a minimalist bathroom design.

Double Panel

These type of shower screens open from the center, and each screen has a hinge. If your bathroom is spacious, a double panel shower screen can be a good choice. If you lack space, you can go with the single panel shower screen.

Folding Screen

Folding shower screens can fold and occupy a smaller space. It is fantastic because it is neat and provides easier access when bathing the kids. It is ideal for both small and large bathrooms.  


The measurement of the shower screen depends on the size of your bathroom. The engineer will take the measurements of width and height before designing the shower screen and panel. The shower screens are available in different designs that will suit your interior décor.

The thickness of the shower screen depends on your estimated budget. The thicker it is, the more it will cost. However, thicker glasses last longer compared to thinner ones.


The shower screens and panels are easy to install during renovation. If you have no skill for DIY, you can consider hiring a professional to do the work for you. It takes less than a day to complete installing the shower screen.


They do not need much aftercare. The bath shower screens should be clean regularly by wiping. The best time to wipe the glass is immediately after the shower. Glass material makes it easy to keep the doors sparkling clean because it does not hold on to stains. Regular cleaning helps to keep the shower screen and panel brand new.

Are Shower Screens and Panels Safe

The shower screen and panels are absolutely safe. The material used for shower screens is durable and high-quality. The safety glass has smooth edges making them safe even for children. You should not worry about the shower screens; they are safe to use, even when kids are around.


Cost depends on the quality and thickness of the glass. The thicker it is, the more it will cost. Thinner glasses are cheaper. However, it is crucial to go for the best quality and thicker glass material to last for many years.

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